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Tax consulting

You value smart and effective solutions?

As Austrian and international tax laws tend to be more and more complicated we offer you competent and broad solutions covering taxes, finances and economic law: Relieble, tax saving and in time!

  • Austrian and international tax law,
  • Tax returns for individuals and all kinds of companies
  • Tax planning and tax optimization
  • Labor law and social insurance law
  • Representation at social insurance agencies
  • Pay rolls, accounting, tax returns, balance sheets, P & L
  • New letters
  • Representation with tax authorities


You would like to save labour costs?

You can count on our personalized accounting analyzing the streem of turn over and cost allowing cost planning and cost optimization.

  • Complete accounting
  • Tax returns, mid year reports and tax estimates
  • Broad economic advise

Pay rolls

Is this subject to complicated?

We gladly take over your whole pay roll accounting, as tax laws, social insurance regulation and labour law nee to be harmonized.

  • Monthly pas rolls for all kinds of labour contracts,
  • Reporting to all related authorities
  • Cost calculation salaries and their add ons
  • Advisory on labour law and labour contracts etc

Legal representation

The tax authority “caught you in the act”?

We represent you in all cases of tax litigation and tax penalty procedures as tax penalties tend to be heavy and not knowing the laws doesn’t save.

  • Advisory and strategy in tax penal law
  • Representation in related procedures
  • Representation at administrational courts
  • if necessary, how to turn yourself in in the best way

Start Up consulting

You finally want to be the boss yourself?

Prepare yourself for your success and let us assist you when starting your own business. We assist you in creating the business plan and in all strategic decitions as choosing the best legal form and choosinf the best tax model etc.

  • Broad start up advisory covering tax, social insurance and professional regulatory environnement
  • Business plan, tax planning
  • Picking legal form and articles of the company
  • Assistance in financial questions, subsidies etc

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